Posted by: Sara Shipley Hiles | July 18, 2009

Results are in – best climate change coverage

Thanks for all the responses to my query on who has the best climate change coverage! While it was certainly no scientific poll, I did get answers from some esteemed colleagues at the Society of Environmental Journalists through the SEJ listserv, in addition to those of you who saw my question on Twitter or here on my blog. It took me a while to post because I wanted to make sure I had permission to include everyone’s comments.

So, in no particular order, here are the shout-outs for Best Coverage of Climate Change:


  • The New York Times was a favorite; one person called its coverage “fabulous.” Andy Revkin was the top vote-getter here, while reporters John Broder and Matthew Wald were also mentioned.  (But of course there was disagreement: one person said the NYT coverage was “hit or miss.”)
  • The Associated Press reporters Dina Cappiello (policy) and Seth Borenstein (science) were faves.
  • The Wall Street Journal got a shout out for its coverage of the business perspective on climate change, particularly reporters Stephen Power and Ian Talley.
  • The Chicago Tribune’s Jim Tankersley was called “probably the strongest mainstream reporter on the beat” by one person.
  • The Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette’s Ken Ward was mentioned as “the go-to-guy for impact on and feedback from the coal fields.”
  • Reuters got a mention for its “consistent coverage.”
  • Two UK publications were mentioned: The Guardian, self-described as “the world’s leading liberal voice” and the Financial Times


  • Darren Samuelsohn at Greenwire is “all over” climate change legislation, according to several sources. (Although the site requires a subscription, some of his stories can be found on the NY Times’ Green Inc. blog.)
  • BNA (Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.) was mentioned. Check out its page for comprehensive coverage.


As one respondent noted, “The best sources I’ve found for coverage of climate politics aren’t the mainstream media.”


  • The Daily Climate publishes links to the day’s best stories on climate change,

SPECIFIC STORIES – only two were suggested as context/explainer pieces

So — whom did we miss? Anyone who should be added to (or deleted from) this list? Any comments on coverage?


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