Posted by: Sara Shipley Hiles | July 16, 2009

Who has the best coverage?

Climate change will continue to be in the news this fall, with the ongoing debate over President Obama’s plan in Congress, discussion in the G-8 summit, and the upcoming U.N. conference in Copenhagen.

To help me track news coverage, I’m asking for recommendations.

If you are a journalist covering these stories, or if you track them out of professional or personal interest, I’d appreciate your suggestions:

  • What journalists/ news organizations do the best job of coverage?
  • Have you seen any particularly noteworthy stories so far? I’m especially looking for explainers/context pieces.

Please post your suggestions in the comments section. Thanks!



  1. Sara – The NYTimes coverage in total is fabulous, not only Revkin but the various other players (Broder on the legislative process, Wald on energy, for example).

    Greenwire, which we now get a look at via the New York Times.

    Financial Times.

    Grist is predictable in its slant, but great for the latest if that’s the perspective you’re looking for.

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for your response. I can see some favorites emerging from folks who’ve responded to my query (on- and off-blog). I just checked out your website – I’ll have to add you on Twitter. I too ride a bike – love it, love it! Been watching the Tour de France?

  2. Hi Sara,

    It is indeed some interesting questions.

    To just mention 2 blogs there is of course the official COP15 blog which has some good material:

    And then Green Thoughts, which write about energy more broadly than “just” climate, but write with an incredible depth and research:

    Hope it helps. Good luck!

    • Hi Peter,
      Thank you for your reply. I will look at the blogs you suggest. Just curious – where are you writing from?

    • Hi Sara,

      I’ll through some more links your way later on when I get around to it. I’m also seeing a great list of recommendations here in the answers – so thanks for writing the post and thanks to your commenters…

      Was actually also thinking of making a climate and energy room over at Friendfeed (several advantages above Twitter) where it makes for great multi-chat threaded conversations as well as rich RSS importation – basically menaing a great way to have great debates. Lets see, I’ll let you know if get around to do it, and if it takes off the ground, user wise.

      Regarding your question, I’m from Denmark, but living in São Paulo, Brazil, where I am dealing with the Climate and Energy sector at the Danish Royal Consulate.

      • Hi there – I also got some comments and suggestions off-list, which I’ll post here today. It’s interesting to see some consensus and some outliers. Do let me know if you build your Friendfeed project. I must admit I haven’t used Friendfeed but I keep hearing it mentioned, so will have to check it out. Let me know. Would love to visit Brazil someday – have always admired the sound of Portuguese and would be fun to check out the “other” Mardi Gras celebration! (I used to live in New Orleans and came to love Carnival there.)

  3. For my money, the best coverage of climate legislation is by Darren Samuelsohn, with credit to some others at Greenwire/ClimateWire also.

    The best coverage of climate science is by Andy Revkin of NYT and Seth Borenstein of AP.

    The best coverage of international talks is by a whole bunch of writers at AP and Reuters, all based abroad. Maybe AFP also, though they don’t do bylines usually.

    There are a bunch of publications that specialize, and all have some merit, some limits. ClimateWire. The Daily Climate. SolveClimate (a bit biased, but informed). Earth Negotiations Bulletin if you can stay awake is definitely down in the diplomatic weeds. Yale Environment 360 has had a range of good writers doing climate explainers.

    If you just want to track the coverage, The Daily Climate is pretty close to one-stop shopping.

    • Thank you, Joe! I’m familiar with Darren, Andy and Seth (although I don’t have a subscription to Greenwire but see some on the NYT blog). Not really familiar yet with Yale or Earth Negotiations, but I will check them out. Will add Daily Climate to my reading list. Do you think the non-mainstream news folks are reliable, or do you see them as too biased to get a general understanding?

  4. I would also add They will follow what happens during the UN conferences in several different perspectives. Since there are 10 different persons blogging about it.

    • Hi Jonathan,
      Thank you for the suggestion. Looks like an interesting project, and fun to read, as well. I dig some of the videos!

  5. Hi Sarah,

    well, the greatest thing about the entire social media sphere is how it enable us to connect and create conversations.

    I have signed up for your feed and am looking forward to follow the conversation on your blog.

    I have also created the Friendfeed room which I talked about in an earlier comment. You can find the Friendfeed room here:

    I will put a post up on my blog on how to use it, but basically I wanna enable climate & energy conversation, so I have imported a lot of blogs, including yours (let me know if you prefer I remove your blog again). I have also included a lot of Twitter search topics in order to make it a discussion hub.

    Hehe, yeah, well you should visit Brazil some day. There are a lot of very interesting places to see and events to join, not only carnival. Highly recommended 🙂

    • Great idea, Peter! I joined your FriendFeed group and will link to it on my blog. Thanks for linking to my blog as well. See you on the web!


  6. Hi Sara, thats cool.
    Lets see if we get some conversations going.

    For people not so familiar with the works of Friendfeed rooms I’ve just written a post about the Climate & Energy room on my blog:

    See you on the web!

    • Thanks for the opportunity. I’m relatively new to social media (Twitter and Friendfeed especially) so I appreciate the chance to learn. See ya!


  7. Sara,

    I have a small blog which is trying to focus on some of the technical challenges and accounting issues emerging in response to climate change: You may care to review and perhaps add to your list of media sources.

    I review quite a lot of material and am slowly building what I would consider a short list of helpful and informative sites – there really are so many out there, that its very easy to overload !!

    • Hi Robin, Thanks for the link! I will check it out. I’m happy that I’ve learned so many new resources through this blog. Please keep it coming. Best, Sara

  8. Sara,

    I have now completed a first pass of web feeds that I feel provide useful commentary on climate change and in the case of my own blog:, some useful links to material on accounting for GHGs. I have still to prepare details of links to technology websites, but this is probably not material that you will be after.

    Hope this update is of some assistance.

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